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Can I Merge Mac User Accounts After a Time Machine Restore? [Ask MacRx]

When setting up my MacBook Air initially, I was instructed to create a user account. When I migrated my files from the Windows PC, it created an entirely separate account.

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Is there a process to combine the two together or possibly migrate files from one to the other and delete one account? Your main ID now owns the pc files. You should be able to move files or folders to your main id file structure no need to copy or just access them as is. You could import directly into iTunes or iPhoto etc.

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All files and folder will be copied to the new user account. Depending on the file size this process requires some time. If you have successfully copied all files, you can delete your previous user account. Note, please double check your files!! Make sure you have created a backup before deleting!

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how to transfer files from one user account to another MAC

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Anyone know of a utility that can merge text files?

I very recently migrated all of my files from my Windows PC. Thank you very much. Kelly Kelly 21 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges.

How did you migrate from Windows PC? If you have multiple people using your Mac, especially those of your own friends or family, and they have their own user accounts separate from yours, then you may sometimes find yourself in predicaments where you may want to transfer files from one account to another.

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To transfer a file from your user account to another, all you have to do us utilize the Shared folder found in your Macintosh HD folder. So, naturally, you should take care to only place the files you want to share in the Shared folder and nothing else; especially not private documents that are only intended for your eyes. Sure, it seems like a lot of steps at a first glance, but trust me, this is a lot easier than it looks; especially when you get the hang of it. This feature is particularly useful for Mac administrators at schools who want to make files available to all students in a classroom that might be using the same Mac. On the other hand, the usefulness of this feature can span to families who have multiple user accounts on their Macs at home too, such as allowing a child to share their homework with their parents for them to double-check, or for siblings who may be sharing different kinds of files among each other. Other macOS users can do the same steps outlined above to share files with you, the Mac administrator, or with other standard users on the computer.