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Many of the South Vietnamese were captured, tortured or killed after they were dropped into enemy territory.

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Those who survived the ordeal returned to the US - only to discover that the US government had written them off as dead and had stopped paying their families. South Vietnamese trained by the US military attended a Congressional hearing Wednesday - another step in their fight to get back pay they say the US still owes them.

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Not facing up to basic humanity. About commandos infiltrated into North Vietnam as part of a disastrous US operation throughout the s.

Many of them were killed - others were captured and put in prison. But nearly survived - only to discover that during their stay in jail the US government declared them killed in action and stopped paying their salary to their families.

The survivors - who now live in the US - have filed a lawsuit in the US Court of Claims in an effort to obtain two-thousand US dollars each for every year they spent in prison. They are filing legislation authorising the payment to the commandos. The lawyer for the Vietnamese commandos says it is important to find out exactly what happened to the South Vietnamese. And how we treat those who serve and suffer on our behalf.

One of the commandos officially back from the dead, Ha Van Son, told a Senate committee how he was abandoned to years of imprisonment in North Vietnam.

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The typical man in quality and consciousness, not necessarily physically foreshadows [Page ] the nature of some race. Such a man was Abraham Lincoln, coming forth from the very soul of a people, and introducing and transmitting racial quality—a quality to be worked out later as the race unfolds. Coming forth correspondingly from the realm of cosmic evil, and responsible for the focus of materialism upon the planet today was Bismarck.

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Both men came forth within the same one hundred years, thus demonstrating the balance in nature and the constant interplay of the pairs of opposites. They are both types of the most powerful Avatars which humanity itself has as yet produced. They emerge along the lines of government, of the first ray and in the department of the Manu, and are very sensitive to Shamballa force.

Such Avatars frequently emerge at the founding of a nation.